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Folsom Crossword Puzzle & Key

Updated: Jan 3, 2019


1. The Damned Old _____.

2. ______ Street features unique shops, art galleries, and live theatre performances.

3. Take swimming lessons, join a swim team, or host a summer birthday party here at the Folsom _______ Center.

5. Visit this Folsom sanctuary and learn more about the native animals of this area.

7. ____ Field; where the dog lovers of Folsom go to let their pups run free. Features separate areas for dogs of various sizes, and benches for the owners.

9. One of the coolest places in town. Located near the Historic district’s parking garage and amphitheater.

10. The world famous Folsom ______ put Folsom on the map nearly 140 years ago.

13. Explore the history behind Sacramento County’s cycling and brewery culture with vintage bikes and brewerania at Folsom’s Bikes and _____.


4. _____ Club. Join other readers once a month at the Folsom Public Library for lively book discussions.

6. Enjoy cars and trucks from the 1930’s thru the 2000’s every Saturday morning in the Palladio parking lot at Cars and ______ Car Show.

8. _______ Bridge replaced the Folsom Truss Bridge.

11. #1 Real Estate Team in Folsom.

12. ______ Park is one of the most popular parks in Folsom featuring 2 wooden playgrounds and plenty of picnicking room.

13. Out of ______ Brewery is Folsom’s newest night life activities. Enjoy great people, food, wine, beer, and games!



1. Rodeo

2. Sutter

3. Aquatic

5. FolsomZoo


9. IceRink

10. Prison

13. Brews


4. Book

6. Coffee

8. Rainbow

11. MartellOneal

12. Castle

13. Bounds

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